What Is Justice And Law For The Whole Society?

What Is Justice And Law For The Whole Society? – Talking about law enforcement and justice in Indonesia, do you think that law enforcement and justice have been implemented properly? Or is it the other way around? You can see the various minuses of the law in Indonesia very easily, even in the case of a misunderstanding. Some time ago, you certainly knew about the wrongful arrest cases committed by the police, this seemed to reflect the lack of legal procedures that occurred so that cases of wrongful arrests could be experienced. No compensation has even been obtained from these victims, so is this what is called a fair law?
The rule of law should be a state where the law is sacred and can protect all people, no longer something that only applies to certain groups. The term tebang piliih seems to describe the current legal conditions in Indonesia. Ironically, it is an open secret and there seems to be no improvement regarding the selective logging law.

In Indonesia, you may even be able to say “normal” when you see a corrupt suspect walking and appearing in the media without having any sins. While in other countries such as Korea and Japan where politicians still have shame, in Indonesia maybe that shame has been cut off. It did not stop there, even after going to jail the robbers with ties could still enjoy a prison with high facilities, like a hotel room, the cells were made by themselves. Petty criminals are allowed to pile into one cell in iron bars.

Many legal cases have not been resolved, whether they cannot or do not want to be clear, many cases have not been resolved. Law enforcement and legal justice affairs in Indonesia have never improved significantly. Just like that for decades of independence. The lower class society is still the victim of unjust laws.

Moreover, about the law, there are still many people who do not know, so it is easy to be fooled, clearly for the whole community, many victims of fraud do not get their rights back because they do not understand legal issues. This is because the law is unfair and unequal for all people. Many people choose to give up when they talk about the law. As if the law was not created for everyone but only for some people.

There are many cases where the causes of corruption are unclear, even if not because of public pressure, maybe some corruptors can still become political elites without knowing shame.
Indonesia is a country of law, in fact, this sentence must be true even in the smallest things in life. Unfair laws can also result in anarchist actions from the community in responding to something.

Such as beating the perpetrators of robbery, rape or street crimes. The vigilante behavior is never justified, but one of the causes of this problem is because people do not know about the rule of law or people give up about the law in Indonesia, which results in creating their ‘own law’. Of course, this must be immediately addressed, not biased and unclear in the law. There are many rubber articles that can be easily twisted, allowing the perpetrator to take a loophole and be free in subsequent legal traps.

The large number case can be seen on communityrights.org that people who are still laymen and need legal assistance should also be the responsibility of the government. But if you don’t get it, you can get help from a legal consul to provide an explanation of the legal problems you are currently facing.