Type of Discriminatory Harassment on Workplace

Type of Discriminatory Harassment on Workplace – Workplace harassment becomes common and it is frequently found around us. There are some types of harassment in the workplace and discrimination harassment becomes one of them. This discriminatory harassment can be divided into some types. Here are some types of discriminatory harassment that usually occurred in the workplace:
• Racial Harassment
Racial harassment makes the most frequent harassment that happen in workplace. Racial harassment can be caused by some factors, including race, citizenship, skin color, ancestry and even the attributes of a certain ethnicity like the accents, hairs, beliefs and the other.

The victim who experiences racial harassment may get some racial insults, racial jokes, racial, slurs, intolerance and also degrading comments. All of those harassments will not only give a bad impact on the victim but, it will influence the workplace itself.

• Gender Harassment
Different from racial harassment, gender harassment is discriminatory based on gender. There are some differences between men and women about what they should do in the workplace. It should be a balance between men and women task in the workplace. There are movements that defend women from this action. The movement encourages women to be treated as just as men in workplace, just like there is no difference between men and women players while they are betting online in https://agenbola108.cc.

• Religious Harassment
Religious harassment can be related to the racial harassment that is about the religious beliefs of the victims. Someone who has a different religion from the “norm” of the company may get a workplace or religious harassment in various ways like cruel religious jokes, intolerance toward the religious holiday, traditions or customs, and even any pressure to convert the victim’s religious beliefs.

• Disability-Based Harassment
An individual with a disability is also often experiencing harassment in the workplace. Some harassment mostly experienced by individuals who suffer from a disability or only use disability services like disability jokes, insulting, degrading comments and even intolerance.

• Sexual orientation-based Harassment
Sexual Orientation-Based Harassment also becomes common workplace harassment that can be achieved by victims who has different sexual orientation from people around them in the workplace. For the example is sexual orientation-based joking, insulting or teasing and even degrading comment that easily found in their workplace.

• Age-Based Harassment
Age-based harassment is also the type of discriminatory harassment that found in the workplace. The harassment can be insulting and teasing, criticizing, ignoring, and more. Therefore, to reduce age-based harassment, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 create regulation to protect workers 40 years and older.

Discrimination harassment is dangerous and risky not only for the victim but it will influent for the whole of the workplace environment. To avoid discriminatory harassment, we need to know the type of discrimination harassment above and just create a good and convenient environment in our workplace.