The Danger of Human Trafficking

The Danger of Human Trafficking – Human trafficking is a dangerous crime that needs to stop right now. This crime most likely happening anywhere and might also happen to someone you know. People who are vulnerable and easier to be exploited is the victim of traffickers. And what is human trafficking?, What are the factors of human trafficking? and how to stop human trafficking?

– What is Human Trafficking?
Human trafficking is not a new crime that can be found in some countries around the world. This crime has some purposes, like forces marriage, sexual slavery, forced labor, commercial sexual exploitation, and even for the extraction of organs. And it can happen to everyone and children as well.

– What are the Factors of Human Trafficking?
Human trafficking can be caused by some factors, including poverty, political instability, racism, gender inequality, mental health, and others like security. As in other fields including while playing online slot, every factor plays important part.

• Poverty
Poverty in the community creates despair for people. And people under poverty more likely to take some risks to raise their living standards and also fulfill their family needs. It makes a lot of traffickers targeting them and deceiving them with the fake opportunities for raising their circumstances.
• Political Instability
The political instability like war, political conflict, civil unrest, and violence lead to some desperate circumstances for the community. Traffickers use this situation to take advantage by deceiving people. It is also a great opportunity for the traffickers to target people who are marginalized due to racism.
• Racism
People under racism are mostly getting discrimination that caused some limitation access like on their education, credit, and employment. This condition will be used by the traffickers to take some advantages.
• Gender Inequality
Gender inequality also becomes the factor of human trafficking. This gender inequality creates some disparity between men and women based on gender. Women in some cultures have less than opportunity than men, including education, rights, access, property and more. It leads to a high risk for women recruited in human trafficking.

How to Stop Human Trafficking?
Stopping the practice of human trafficking is not as easy as we predicted. There are many human trafficking cases that still encountered today. At least we can minimize it in some ways. The first way we need to give more education about the danger and the risk of human trafficking for the children. There are a lot of articles, books, videos and also attending the seminar about human trafficking.

The next step is raising awareness about human trafficking. This awareness is needed that human trafficking can happen in any chance and situation. And if you are suspicious about someone or activity that related to human trafficking, you need to alert and you can call the police or the National Human Trafficking Resource Center on your city.