Law and Justice for Those Who Have Experienced Sexual Harassment in Indonesia

Law and Justice for Those Who Have Experienced Sexual Harassment in Indonesia – Indonesia is a country based on the law, but has all citizens enjoyed legal justice? Including women and children. The law should be the most respected thing, no doubt. The law should be a place of refuge and a hope for all people, including women and children.

The law of fulfilling the law in Indonesia can protect women and make Indonesia a safe country for women? According to the Lentera Sintas Indonesia survey, it is revealed that as many as 93% of cases of rape in Indonesia go unreported. That’s just rape, what about cases of harassment that are often seen as commonplace and lighter than rape.

This survey should be an irony in this country. How can it be in a rule of law, the people are reluctant to make law their guide and their hope. This is of course very unfortunate. This could indicate an indication of distrust of the community or victims with the existing laws in Indonesia. Like it or not, like it or not, rape has become a taboo subject to discuss. Many victims actually become victims of bullying because victims are often blamed for the occurrence of rape.

Victims of rape are often blamed and linked to things such as clothing stigma. Even though this has nothing to do with it. The role of law here is very much needed, how the law can help victims to be treated appropriately. However, sexual harassment and rape do not appear to be important issues so that the law on these matters is not enforced properly.

That’s why rape victims are reluctant to report their cases. Victims of harassment tend to keep quiet and shut out the scary incident from everyone, so reports of rape are rare.

Rape itself can not only happen to women, but can also happen to children and even men. However, again, this is not considered something extraordinary and it is important that the rape victim tends to choose to remain silent. Then the plaque? Of course, they are still roaming around and may have many other victims. This is of course very scary.

Moreover, Indonesia is still arguably still quite patriarchal, so that the laws regulating the protection of women are still few and still not strong. Therefore, when women are victims of harassment and acts of rape, many people still blame the victims.

If only the law were fair to all circles, incidents like this could be minimized and anticipated. However, because of his lack of concern, the result is that the law for the protection of women has also become less.
Of course, the demand for stronger law enforcement and the regulation of articles on the protection of women continues to be echoed. Various activists and communities who fight for the rights and protection of women continue to try to encourage the DPR and the government to make better laws regarding the protection of women, including on harassment and rape.

However, it seems like it still has a very long time to come true. Even during the last demonstration where one of them was demanding the certainty of the PKS Bill or the elimination of sexual violence to be legalized immediately until now, somehow it continues.

Indeed, the issue of women and children is still considered less important in Indonesia so that legal justice for them is often forgotten. As a result, many victims prefer to remain silent and the perpetrators are still free to roam and can still chase other victims.

For those of you who have experience regarding sexual harassment and even rape, you must still report it. You can do a legal consul first so that your struggle doesn’t end in vain.