Law and Justice for Community

Society is the part of law and justice improvement in this world. Justice today has not been the best yet to overcome everyone’s problem. Imbalanced scale that has one side heavier than the other is still the problem which we all face nowadays. Therefore, we should take a chunk in elevating the system of law and justice that applied on the ground we step on. Sadly, the room to share thoughts is not available for everyone.

The authorities usually cannot hear the true voice of the unrepresented populations due to the huge burden standing tall between two parties. The unrepresented populations which are the poor and the underprivileged society cannot represent themselves because they cannot afford the battle against the more privileged society. They simply cannot pay the expensive attorneys to defend or fight for their rights. In other words, they do not have money to buy justice.

It is such unfortunate to see people live under the legal structure of law but they cannot even taste the taste of justice. In the middle of huge gap between social classes, law and justice act for community is the bright sun after midnight. People who cannot pay high price for advocate can now get advices from the advocacy organizations. The humanity movements against all the injustice situations can grab a bite in the improving progress of the law. Sexual harassment, child abuse, women empowerment, land dispute, and many more can be proceed to the higher level of justice in the help of community advocacy organizations as well.

Justice is for everyone who lives in this earth. That is one thing that should be kept in mind. Law and justice for community is the way to make the law environment better. Seek for advice from law consultants should have not that hard.