Justice for All

Justice is supposed to be applied for anyone in this world. Unfortunately, in the harsh time of the world, justice is usually not in the hand of those people who cannot afford great attorneys. The racist system on earth also can lead to much more heavy on the one side of the law as well. People who do not have enough money to only get things they merit will be forever the underdog and the left-behind layer in the society. Life should have not gone that way. Everyone who live in this land deserve the same treatment especially in the name of justice regardless the financial background that they have.

Injustice experience dominantly goes to those who are poor and non-white community. If justice should be equal for everyone, apparently that slogan is not picturing what discriminated community feel right now. The unequal not written law is just sitting there, torturing the lower class society. Luckily, there are several advocacy organizations and consultancies which help the poor grab the right they deserve.

Those law advocacy consultants serve the community to fight with them in rude action and discriminative treatment from the people surrounding. Thanks to the warm-hearted community advocates, justice can now build up with better understanding and certainly balanced in both sides.

The dream which says “justice for all” needs to be executed soon. With the work of community law consultants, the dream can now make a little progress to come true. Poor people in can get the priceless advices from the consultant to clear their problems such as land dispute, mislead prejudice, and even law guidance in small business matter. The humanity movements, for example women empowerment and genocide rejection, can be protected and gain law information through these community law consultants as well. The generous action created by advocacy organizations is expected to improve the imbalance law scale situation.