Justice Belongs to Everyone

It might never cross our mind that turned out, justice only belongs to those who can afford advocates. The equal fairness is only applied to those who can pay high prices for law consultants to take care of their legal businesses. On the other hand, those who cannot hire a single advocate will remain oppressed by those rich people who guarded with bunch of expensive advocates. It should have not been the situation for law and justice in this era but that is just the fact.

Discriminative treatment and huge gaps between layers of social classes are the reasons why people live in lopsided world. Law should be the judge to eliminate discrimination, unreasonable retirement, unpaid salary, and other unequal situation due to race and social class. However, the losers continue cannot fight against the riches because they simply cannot afford the war. Therefore, the atmosphere cannot be changed unless there is some miracle.

Community law and justice consultants are perhaps the lights in the dark room. The generous initiative made by advocacy organizations can finally help the poor to get what they must have got all this long. Many humanity actions also can be supported with community advocacy organizations which in the mission to elevate the function of the law.

Women empowerment, demand action for salary raises, and discriminative assault are the example of movements that can seek for help to law organizations for community. Through those advocacy organizations, the progress of the law and justice revolutionary can show brighter future especially for those who are being underdog.

Justice should belong to everyone in regardless their skin, their race, or their social background. Anywhere, anytime, and to any whom, justice should be standing tall without any imbalanced figure. Community law and justice consultancy is one of the agents to make justice great again.