Justice Enforcement for the Poor

Justice justice justice. Is justice really equal for all classes of social? Do the poor have the access to seek justice in the hard world of law as well? Where they get the resources to pay for the attorney? Do they really can afford for fighting their rights? Everybody should have the access to enjoy […]

Looking for Justice for the Unrepresented Population

Everyone should be feeling safe under the law and justice on this earth. However, the imbalanced justice which heavier on one side is the main burden in justice enforcement. The poor cannot relish their rights fully due to their inability to pay for high price advocates. Discrimination and lopsided treatment are occurring all over the […]

Justice Belongs to Everyone

It might never cross our mind that turned out, justice only belongs to those who can afford advocates. The equal fairness is only applied to those who can pay high prices for law consultants to take care of their legal businesses. On the other hand, those who cannot hire a single advocate will remain oppressed […]

Law and Justice for Community

Society is the part of law and justice improvement in this world. Justice today has not been the best yet to overcome everyone’s problem. Imbalanced scale that has one side heavier than the other is still the problem which we all face nowadays. Therefore, we should take a chunk in elevating the system of law […]

Law Consultant Expert to Find the Best Solution for Your Problem

Getting dragged into the problem related with the law is something that many people in the world do not want to deal with. That is because law sometimes can be unfair, especially if you are the one who have less money compared with the other section. If you are facing this kind of situation, getting […]