Justice Enforcement for the Poor

Justice justice justice. Is justice really equal for all classes of social? Do the poor have the access to seek justice in the hard world of law as well? Where they get the resources to pay for the attorney? Do they really can afford for fighting their rights?

Everybody should have the access to enjoy justice in this world. Nonetheless, it is sadly enough to realize that justice has not been the thing that people have yet today. In fact, justice is more like the privileged stuff that only those with a lot of money who can afford to relish it. It is not only one or two that justice was not there with the poor when they seek for balanced scale of law. Justice is still the expensive good that underprivileged population can only wish for it. It is indeed very unfortunate to know that truth. But that is the fact that grows in our community. Justice is not made for those poor.

Justice should not see what color the people who need it, what gender that will seek for it, or how much fortune that people can give away. Community law and justice organization is the type of law organization that will fight for the justice especially which comes from the poor. Thankfully, there are some law advocacies which willing to help the poor at grab their rights and enforce the justice for all. These law organizations are happy to lend their hands to dig for the truth. With the help of these advocacy organizations, the unrepresented population can gain useful advices and perhaps can standing tall in the battle to retake their justice. Community advocacy organizations support the movements as well. They give law advices and recommendation to improve the humanity acts so the acts can be delivered effectively.